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The Daily Dispatch #5, Let's clean this up, Part 1

So the other day, I was walking through the streets of Amsterdam and I saw some trash, spewed on the road. Of course, I have seen trash many times on the streets. Some partygoers, or lazy people do not want to put the effort of putting the trash in, or sometimes, the municipality workers are lazy or on holiday.

The other day, I saw a woman’s post on the Mommas in Amsterdam group. My only exposure to the happenings of this group is my wife - being a recent momma, and me being a recent daddy. This lady said that she found the stench of trash disgusting, and that this was a more frequent occurrence. After reading her post, even I started to notice the same. It turns out she was right. When I tried to remember my experience of the last 4 years, it was indeed that more trash was now spewed on the roads successively since I’ve been here. It then turned out that it’s common for people to click pictures of trash and then log a report online to the local municipality. This report typically contains:

  • Photos

  • Location of the trash

  • What is in the trash - plastic bottles, furniture, food, etc.

I was thinking, hmmm, how can I help in this process? Then I thought of Einstein Vision. I remember reading about it and its ability to use AI and object detection to identify things based on training data.

So, this is the next project on my list. Today, I spent some time reading up an introduction to Salesforce Einstein here. More to come!

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