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The Daily Dispatch #2, Heating it up, Part 2

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Trailhead has a great module to get you started on how Visual Remote Assistance can work.

I thought of the below storyline - at a high level - to replicate my water heater scenario.

Call Script

Salesforce goodness

Me: Hi! I'm having some issues with my water heating system. Can you please help me out?

The agent finds the matching customer record using the incoming phone number and creates a Case.

Agent: Sure. I'd be happy to help. Do you see two green lights on the heating device?

Me: No, I just see the one.

Agent: Would it be ok to get on a video call so I can see what it looks like?

The agent sends a visual remote assistance link via SMS

Me: Ofcourse!

I click on the link in the SMS

Agent: Great. I can see it. Let's see if a system reset can help. Can you hold this button for 5 seconds?

The agent uses AR to help me identify the button

Me: Sure. It's done

Agent: Aah, I see that the problem remains. Let's see if there is an indicator on the thermostat.

Me: Ok. Let me go there.

Agent: Ok. I see the error code. I know what needs to be done. Unfortunately, the heat exchanger valve seems to be at fault. However, it is covered under warranty. I will place an order in the system. You will get an email to then schedule a time when an engineer can come to replace the same!

The agent creates a Work order for spare parts and links it to the Case and the Account. She also sends a link using Lightning scheduler so that the customer can chose from the different available slots to make an appointment with the service engineer.


Next, I will go through the onboarding guide to see how/if I can play around with VRA in my dev org. Stay tuned for the next dispatch!

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