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The Daily Dispatch #1 : Heating it up, Part 1

In this new series, Daily Dispatch, inspired by the book, “Show your work”, I share the inspiration behind a hobby project that I’d like to try out.

My heating system broke down a couple of days back. The technician came home to check it, and told us that we’d need to spend 600 euros to replace some damaged parts, I was bummed. The timing was good, though, since this happened in the summer when the need for hot water is not imminent.

Anyhow, after the incident was over, I realised that some parts of the process could be made more optimal. Like?

  • The inspection and diagnosis could be done remotely using a guided video call

  • This would save me the visit fee, around 120 euros and

  • Save me a day’s wait

So, I would like to see how we can build this in Salesforce.

Solution sprinkle:

  • Service cloud (for incoming cases)

  • Einstein image recognition

  • Visual Remote Assistance

Is anyone interested to hack this with me? Any thoughts/questions are welcome!

More about this in tomorrow's dispatch!

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