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The Curious Chat - Ep 1

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

At the start of the altMBA, we embarked on an exercise about goal setting. I thought about writing a book and gave myself 6 months. Of course, this was an ambitious goal. When the enormity of the situation descended upon me, I corrected the goal to starting a podcast. The topic was going to be technology consulting — specifically my learnings from working on the platform for around 9 years.

4 weeks later, the altMBA was over, and there was no sign of the podcast. What happened? Well, I realized that I was not actually interested about that topic. I just thought I was interested.

So, what was I interested in? Us. Humans. How we think, how we work, how we create, what drives us, what puts us down. I found this domain more fascinating, abstract and infinite. Hence, I decided to switch the topic of my podcast and instead called it ‘The Curious Chat’.

Here is the first episode with my college batch mate Rahul Ghai.

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