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I loved my first day in the public transport

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Yesterday, I travelled to office via the metro and train in Amsterdam after 2 years!

It was surprisingly nice to be out and about. It was pleasant and sunny. There is something about being part of the motions and seeing other people go about their day that makes one feel part of something larger.

I had 2 interesting realisations during my journey:


It is great to listen to music while travelling in public transport. There is nowhere to be but there, and you can completely zone-in to the mood of the music. I literally cried twice listening to familiar songs. If you are curious, the 2 songs (in Hindi) are O Re Piya and Luka Chuppi.

  • Are you a bathroom singer? Try to be a train station singer instead

  • Let the tunnel be your echo-chamber

  • It’s usually an open area

  • Practice your vocals

  • Not many can hear you.

  • It's better than being a bathroom singer. Why?

  • How long can you bathe? How much water will you waste?


Waiting for a metro or a train? Walk on the platform while listening to music. It’s a great way to finish your steps for the day.

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