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Music is food for my soul. I discovered in 2010 - at 15 years of age - that I'm a decent singer. Our class planned to sing "Heal the World". I just happened to be at the audition with no intention of participating. 
I heard the song and was asked to sing back a couple of lines. Our choir teacher nodded his head, "Hmm, you have a decent voice". I was like, "Oh really?!". Since then, I have learned how to play the acoustic guitar. Playing the guitar and singing along can sometimes hit the spot for me and make me feel, "This is it. This is what I should be valuing."   

You can find links to my covered tracks below. Thanks for listening!


Loosely translated to 'The Color of Water', this is a pop track from a great movie on sperm donation, "Vicky Donor". 

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