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I love technology, the occasional chicken biryani and thinking about abstract concepts. I am always:

  • Trying out new apps - in the hopes that some of them will be groundbreaking - but they hardly ever are

  • In pursuit of learning about diverse topics. This can sometimes stop me from getting into the depth of any subject - as I tend to get bored easily. 

Some of my beliefs: 

  • Family, health (physical and emotional), creativity and work - these are things that matter most to me - in decreasing order 

  • Being authentic, yet less-rich is more important than being fake and richer

  • Alcohol can be used  responsibly to help people in different situations

  • Beer is a life-saver after a long, hard day

  • Technology needs to be used responsibly 

  • There's always a different perspective to any situation - I want to seek these perspectives

  • Everything can be expressed in fewer words

I have not had the courage to put myself out there. This blog is an effort to do just that - be my authentic self. 

I don't intend to build a large audience. I want to do this for myself. However, I'll be happy if I can get some interesting conversations along the way.

This blog is inspired by Derek Sivers' blog. A big thank you to Derek! 


  • 1990: born in New Delhi

  • 1995: got an old computer and thought I'll be a computer engineer (how naive)

  • 1995: started Delhi Public School 

  • 2000: started learning to play the keyboard - only songs, no technicalities

  • 2001: started senior school

  • 2005: discovered that I sing decently 

  • 2008: graduated high school

  • 2008: started university in National University of Singapore

  • 2010: started dating the love of my life

  • 2012: delivered my first published paper presentation at the FPL in Oslo

  • 2012: moved back to New Delhi, India 

  • 2012: started a job as a Salesforce developer at Compro 

  • 2012: discovered my second love, the guitar

  • 2014: quit the job, joined my family business 

  • 2016: quit the business, started working at PwC

  • 2017: married the love of my life

  • 2018: moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • late 2018: switched jobs and moved to Nextview

  • March 2022: had a baby


I like to reason in first principles

Reading about how Elon Musk questioned the inner workings of an EV and made things possible for Tesla is inspiring. It can be liberating to ask 'Why'? Ask this question to your client, to your family, to your partner, to your friends or to your Prime Minister. 

I like to think about different things

I get bored easily. Be it the ecosystem, a book or a problem at work. I like to explore a topic at a high-level. Once I think I understand the basics, it is very seldom that I go deep. 

This spurs an interesting discussion around the value mastery, and that is something I hope to unpack in one of my posts. 

I am in pursuit of finding my Why

After spending enough time during my recent sabbatical thinking about what I want to do next, I just couldn't get myself to run after 'what's hot today or what'll be hot in the future'. I am leaning on 2 books to help me find my why

I am a fan of music

Music is essential to life. There are fewer things more fulfilling than being completely in-tune with the emotions of a melody - a song or an instrumental piece. Arijit Singh is my all-time favourite singer. His versatility and skill never stop to amaze me. 

I play rhythm guitar and like to sing along. I believe I am able to capture different emotions in a song - joy, sadness, fear, despair - etc. This helps me to experience a wider spectrum of emotions that I would not otherwise experience. 

I constantly seek outlets for my creativity

I have started to tune myself into creating just for the sake of creating. Pressing the 'Done', 'Ship' or 'Send' button on my digital creations is exciting. This pursuit is worth it. You are putting something out there in the world - for yourself - not for anyone else. I strive to maintain a habit of shipping regularly - thanks to Seth Godin and the altMBA!

I am not social

However, I am not antisocial. Technical definitions of antisocial border along the lines of a 'disorder' or a 'malice towards society'. These are extreme. 
My first response to meeting new people is mostly a 'No'. However, once I overcome the resistance, I can sometimes surprise myself by coming out of a social endeavour more energised and inspired. 
I prefer 1-on-1 conversations to group conversations.

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